Feb 27 2017 Feel the breeze at Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales
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It's been a while since I posted here in my personal blog but this time, it's a different one. This post is all about our trip in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines - mainly in Anawangin Cove and sister islands Capones and Camara. Last 23rd to 24th of February, our troop went for a trip to witness a paradise and endulge ourselves that our country offers. Well, this is a proof and reminder not only for me but for everyone to have a break and take a deep breath from stressful workdays.

We decided to exhaust our golden leave credits as a reward to have our own 'team building/bonding' with my trusted friends. Someone suggested to try Anawangin Cove, where you can do camping, beach swimming and island hopping. Then I was surprised how picturesque the view is, the fresh air, the tall pine trees and the crystal-clear water of the beach. For me, it's one of the best places I can suggest if you're travelling as a beginner - well at least those who wanted to discover and be a nature enthusiast.

#pauluzz, a friend of our barkada (which is newly recruited of our team, too), is the organizer of our trip together with pareā€™ng #potpot. And good thing, there are no campers in the location, aside from us when we arrived (except for the local residents of the island) until we left the cove because it was weekdays. There are only 9 of us in the island (me, #lhianne, #airene, #boss, #kulot, #vicky, #gorgeous, #potpot and #pauluzz) because normally, Filipino people are free only by weekends due to weekdays are for work and school. So if you wanted to try it here, the best option will be from mondays to friday.

For a few thousand pesos for the budget, we had the privilege to experience how to live in a beautiful island by ourselves like Anawangin Cove. We also had the chance to do island hopping between an island to another - and I, a living proof that these islands are astounding and breath-taking. But unfortunately - not satisfying internal self, there are no caves nearby (I was really looking forward to that tho). We prepared and cooked our own food using authentic firewoods and slept inside a camping tent. We indeed felt the natural cold breeze of the wind at night and completing the package, the peaceful waves crashing the shore. It was such an amazing experience for us, and another milestone as a troop.

Have you already went in Anawangin? If not, you actually missed out half of your life! But on a serious note, why not give it a try? I really recommend it for you to see it by yourself. I promise that you will never regret it. Feel free to comment below your thoughts and experiences. And for our troop, its a job well done guys! 'Til our next troop-getaway!