Feb 20 2019 When in La Union, Philippines
la-union team-building falls beach church farm friends ph

Most of the companies here in the Philippines have intact relationship with their workmates and looking forward for recreational activities and such. In layman’s term it is what we call team building, but better to address it as team outing to relax. Our friend, #czai decided to have theirs in La Union, Philippines. Fortunately, the package tour still has a few open slots so we've got invited to join in. And guess what? Our friendly neighborhood #pauluzz is the organizer, yay! :smile:

Nov 7 2018 A trip to Tagaytay City, Philippines
tagaytay peoples-park-in-the-sky picnic-groove friends ph

Last October 27, me and my friends had an out-of-town trip to Tagaytay (one of Philippine's most popular tourist destination) with just the five of us (me, #czai, #allan, #earl, #vicky). It took us a few hours of bus ride from Metro Manila to our destination but its worthy being in there.

Jul 10 2018 Extended Summer at Alibijaban Island, Quezon Province
alibijaban quezon province islands friends beach ph

Has the summer already ended? Nope! We can still extend the fun with the gang and meet new friends along the way. It's been a while since I tagged along with my friends. So this time, we went to Alibijaban Island, Quezon Province. It took 6 to 8 hours of land travel (depending on the traffic) from Metro Manila to San Andres Port, Quezon and 15 to 30 minutes sea travel. But the long ride is worth the wait. You will be surprised how beautiful the island is.

Jun 28 2018 Trust Self-Signed Certificate for Apache2 in Mac OSX
self-signed certificate trust mac-osx apache2

Recently, some of my friends ask me on how did I enable self-signed certificate in my Mac OSX for localhost development. In this post, I will teach you how to trust self-signed certificate for Apache2 in your Mac to enable the green lock icon in your browser.

Feb 27 2017 Feel the breeze at Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales
anawangin getaway islands friends beach ph

It's been a while since I posted here in my personal blog but this time, it's a different one. This post is all about our trip in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines - mainly in Anawangin Cove and sister islands Capones and Camara. Last 23rd to 24th of February, our troop went for a trip to witness a paradise and endulge ourselves that our country offers. Well, this is a proof and reminder not only for me but for everyone to have a break and take a deep breath from stressful workdays.