Feb 20 2019 When in La Union, Philippines
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Most of the companies here in the Philippines have intact relationship with their workmates and looking forward for recreational activities and such. In layman’s term it is what we call team building, but better to address it as team outing to relax. Our friend, #czai decided to have theirs in La Union, Philippines. Fortunately, the package tour still has a few open slots so we've got invited to join in. And guess what? Our friendly neighborhood #pauluzz is the organizer, yay! :smile:

First stop, the Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, La Union. After 30 to 40 mins of monster jeepney ride, it took us almost 10 to 15 minutes of trekking. The falls is located the foot of the mountain so our way going there is easy peasy.

Apparently, we only have a few hours to stay on the vicinity of the falls, but we really enjoyed our time of staying. And as I've mentioned, we went to the falls by a monster jeep as what the locals call it. But the twist is, you have to ride on top of it. That's right! Riding on the top of the Jeepney. But if you're afraid of heights, you can still ride inside the normal way. Unfortunately, we don't have a video of #czai's team riding the Jeepney top.

Our next destination is the Namacpacan Church (also know as Santa Catalina de Alejandria Church), a Roman Catholic church placed under the advocacy Saint Catherine of Alexandria in 1690 and known for its devotion to the Our Lady of Namacpacan.

And near the church is the Baluarte Watch Tower, built during the pre-Spanish times as a lookout point for impending attack by pirates or danger from the sea. Because of its massiveness and height, guards were able to warn its residents and prepare the peace officers to defend the properties and lives of their constituents.

And then, we went to Kamay na Bato (Stone Hand) Art Gallery owned by a Korean sculptor and painter, Mr. Bong Kim. The gallery aims to exhibit different arts using stones and mural arts; to inspire everyone the different uses and values of stones aside from being utilized for structures or construction.

After those activities, we headed to the surf camp (beach), and there, we have our free time and dinner as well before we go the hotel to rest after the tiring yet fun day!

And for the morning activities, Grapes Farm! Where you can pick grapes fresh from the vines! You can ask the personnel to lend you a basket and pick on your own. Then you can let them check weight to know how much it costs. Yep! It's not free! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They also have grapes wine as well, and it tastes awesome! :wine_glass:

Together, everything we can conquer.

Team OSM (Ow'som, Operations Support Manila)

Disclaimer: All photos are acquired from #czai's facebook photo album with the permission from her and her teammates.