Jul 7 2016 Automatically Deploy Static Web App to Firebase Using GitHub and Travis CI
github firebase hosting travis-ci

I want to share a trick where you can deploy GitHub source code to Firebase application using Travis CI, although GitHub pages can also be used to host static web page with limited functionality using Jekyll but with limited plugins supported. As an example, we will be using Wintersmith static page generation tool for our Firebase app since currently Firebase cannot be connected to GitHub application yet. We will also be using Travis CI to generate static page and automatically deploy it to Firebase.

Jun 21 2016 Host Static Website using GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket pages
bitbucket github gitlab hosting

Want to host your website but you do have budget for hosting? If you only need to static page, you don't have to worry anymore. You can use GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket pages to create and host your own website or blog using these git repository hosting sites. To be honest, I also use this to host my blog since its free, Haha.

May 17 2016 Slackup: Google Chrome Extension for Slack
google-chrome extension slack accessibility

こんにちは みなさん~! Today, i'm publishing my very own Google Chrome extension. I call it, Slackup . Way back before, this extension can only be installed and exclusively for employees of Cyscorpions and KLab Inc But this day, I decided to publish it on public. Why did I? well, I really don't have any particular reason. I just want to public it. That's all, Haha.

Mar 30 2016 Comelec Website Hacked by Anonymous PH
comelec anonymous hack ph

As of March 27 2016 at 10:49pm, Anonymous Philippines, a well known hacker group here in the Philippines penetrated a government website. They hacked the Commission on Election website a few months before the date of the nation-wide election for presidency.